A new look for a new life.

It gives the bride a personal trainer.
All day, accompanying her friends and may also participate as benefits.

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The Baby shower finally arrived in Paris!

Yes but what is it exactly?
A party organized by friends of the expectant mother to celebrate the approaching birth of her child.

  • The aim is to please the new mom as a woman
  • offer moments especially for her after the birth of baby.

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The birth of a baby usually affects the femininity and appearance of a young mother.

To seduce her husband again and start this new life positively, nothing like feeling like a beautiful woman again who blossomed after pregnancy.
It is for these reasons that I will accompany you in this way when two elements are vying for first place: being female and being a mother.

Diagnosis young mother:
  • Discover the hair and makeup are best suited to your face.
  • Style of dress that you will develop the best, and cuts that will enhance your new figure.
  • Questionnaire and personal advice: survey your strengths & needs, body types, personality, needs, expectations, limits.
  • Harmonization & re face shape, hair, makeup, dress style, color, closets, cuts, materials and clothing lines.

Color balance:
  • The draping is a critical assessment test, which will allow us to discover the range of colors that make you the most value (warm or cold, bright or pastel).

Study of fashion:
Determine your ideal outfit depending on your lifestyle, your tastes, thanks to: :
  • Study your body: we will choose cuts, shapes and materials.
  • Study your style this: we will deepen your clothing habits and tastes.
  • Study your future style: through different style sheets, we will find the new style in which you want to direct you.

Sending a file-beauty:
  • Before / After photos makeup
  • makeup tips customized for your makeup, hair, clothing style, colors, cuts, materials and clothing lines.

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